Breed 2 Pals

Select 2 pals to see what their offspring will look like!
Palworld determines the offspring using the average "Breeding Score" of the parents (a male and a female). However, certain offspring have unique breed combos as seen below.

Multipal BreederBETA

Select a list of several pals and a desired pal and this calculor will determine the shortest optimal path in a breeding chain to get it. It will produce a chain, if one exists, using your parents and/or offspring from your parents. Use the grey lock icon in the top right of a pal image to ensure all locked pals appear in a breeding chain.
Note: your page may hang for a couple of seconds for chains that are not possible as it will exhaust the maximum number of combinations we allow and means that a path doesn't exist.

Parent Calculator

See all the possible parent combinations for a desired child.